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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mother Courage is Coming to Town

Mother Courage and Her Children will be on stage for two separate weeks, November 13-18 and November 27-December 2. (There's a break in there for Thanksgiving.)

The official blurb for Mother Courage (commonly nicknamed around here as "MoCo") goes like this:

"In Brecht's epic masterpiece, a war rages on while the worldly-wise Mother Courage seeks her fortune selling goods to the soldiers. But the war exacts a price - as war always does - and Mother Courage's soaring profits are tempered by searing loss. First performed in 1941, Mother Courage remains deeply moving and powerfully relevant. "

It's true, too. Mother Courage hasn't lost any of its power over the years. It still makes you think critically about the effect of war on communities, families, and individuals. It still makes you wonder who's benefiting from the violence. It still makes you view attitudes about war from a new perspective. I promise, you'll leave Vasey Hall with plenty to think and talk about.


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