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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We have a Medea cast!

Medea auditions took place last week, to a flurry of excitement, and we now have a cast!

Nurse -- Danielle DeStefano (1st-year in the M.A. program)
Tutor -- Tom Saporito (1st-year)
Medea -- Kim Fairbanks (1st-year)
Older Son -- Alex Barnett (son of a VU faculty member)
Younger Son -- Gabriela Petrone (the youngest newcomer to Villanova)
Jessica Bedford (2nd-year)
Lizzy Dalton-Negron (2nd-year)
Stephanie King (1st-year)
Gigi McGraw (2nd-year)
Kathleen Mulhearn (2nd-year)
Creon -- TBA
Creon's Herald -- Nelson Barre (2nd-year)
Jason -- Chris Serpentine (2nd-year)
Aegeus -- Tim Horner (faculty member at VU)
Messenger -- Will Erwin (2nd-year)

Rehearsals started yesterday. We'll post some in-progress shots as soon as we can!

-Meg Devine Maxwell

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