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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Threepenny's Crime-Movie Picks!

One of the many things we love about The Threepenny Opera is its ability to tickle our secret itch to live vicariously through the nefarious deeds of slick (and not-so-slick) criminals.  Looking for more guilty pleasures?  Some of the characters from Threepenny's underbelly share their favorite crime-world movies!  Use them to enjoy your long weekend!

MACHEATH's Favorite: Ocean's Eleven 

Not the 2001 remake.  The Rat Pack version, thank you very much.  Like Macheath, the heroes of Ocean's Eleven are cool, well-dressed, and have a way with the ladies.

MR. AND MRS. PEACHUM's Favorite: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. Peachum wanted to suggest The Godfather, but Mrs. Peachum insisted they choose a movie that more deftly demonstrates their devoted partnership.  Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jonathan and Celia Peachum are a perfect match, and while they may not always agree, they will forever have each others' backs.

POLLY PEACHUM's Favorite: La Femme Nikita

Polly may look sweet, but she's got a bite just as sharp as Mack.  No wonder she loves Nikita, who lives one life as a normal girl, and another as a stone-cold assassin.

LUCY BROWN's Favorite:  Fatal Attraction

Sometimes love can get out of hand.  No one knows that better than Lucy, who says to Macheath, "I would rather see you hanged than in the arms of another woman.  Isn't that funny?"  Uh . . . right.  Very funny.  Just as funny as Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

JENNY DIVER's Favorite: Pretty Woman

It would have been nice if Macheath had made an honest woman out of Jenny, whisking her away from the brothel and to a life of bourgeois comfort.  Sadly, that was not to be their fate.  Can't stop a girl from dreaming, though.

FILCH's Favorite:  Blow

This rags-to-riches drug kingpin movie speaks to Filch's desire to rise up out of the gutter and ascend to glory.  Unfortunately he may have to settle for a life more like Eddie Murphy's in Trading Places.  

TIGER BROWN's Favorite: The Departed

Listen, law enforcement is complicated.  Police officers put their lives on the line every day and may not always be able to fit their actions into such constricting categories as "right" or "wrong."  It's nice when a movie comes along that can remind the general public of that troubling fact.

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