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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Introducing (drum roll) Rachel!

The weeks of rehearsal leading up to the opening of any show here at Villanova Theatre are busy, tiring, and exciting, all at once. I get a second-hand buzz from everyone working so diligently to build the set, create costumes, and sell tickets, but the part I think is really interesting is that dang rehearsal process. What goes on in there? How do our actors prepare to make a story like Baby come to life? What's it like to sink into the experience of a character?

For anyone out there who wonders the same thing, we've got a special treat: Rachel Anne Stephan, who plays Pam in our production of Baby, will be a blog contributor during the rehearsals and run of the musical. Hooray!

Pam and her husband Nick have a really interesting place in the arc of the musical. While Danny & Lizzie and Alan & Arlene are trying to figure out what to do about their growing babies, Pam & Nick are trying desperately to conceive ... and not having much luck. Rachel will take us through the process of getting inside Pam's head, to make her joys and struggles very real and personal. Look for Rachel's first post later today.

And as always, please share your thoughts, too!

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