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Monday, November 7, 2011

An "outsider's" perspective.

Hi, everyone! My name is Emily and I run the light board for WOMAN AND SCARECROW.

This past weekend was "tech" for the show -- where all the costumes, lights, sound and props were layered into the work that the actors had been perfecting for the past few weeks. This weekend was the first time I was exposed to WOMAN AND SCARECROW and, let me tell you, I was seriously blown away.

The level of intensity at which the actors work is incredible. Felicia (Woman) and Jessica (Scarecrow) possess such beautiful and magnetic energy that captivated me from the very beginning of the show. Their connection is palpable. Felicia's commitment to her character brought tears to my eyes. Jessica's characterization and absolutely chilling portrayal of Scarecrow is fierce. Their relationship drives the show.

The support that Ahren (Him) and Lizzy (Auntie Ah) bring to the performance is equal parts refreshing and heart-wrenching. The way each character relates to Woman sheds light on haunting moments in her past. Ahren's ability to weave his inherent charm into Him gives his seemingly spiteful character a softer, more vulnerable edge. Lizzy's unique vocal qualities allow her to mold Auntie Ah's words into a striking melody that can, in one instance, both comfort and sting.

Never before have I been so awe struck by a play. The show offers so much to its audience -- humor, intensity, artistry and compassion. Each of the technical elements of the show combine to make the production a real "must-see." The student designers (Vandy Scoates/Set and Valerie Cavooris/Costumes) should be extremely proud of their amazing artistic work. Congratulations to Fr. David for creating such a gorgeously haunting production!
Please don't miss WOMAN AND SCARECROW (it's the Philadelphia premiere of the show -- how cool!) Thank you to everyone involved for creating such a brilliant and stunning piece of theatre!

Light board operator

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