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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Becoming cooler.

Last week, Joanna gave me some "homework" to do regarding my character in MUSEUM. Tink, she said in her deep, lilting voice, "is a downtown girl. She is not... well... she is not a Villanova girl." With that, I knew exactly what she meant! I had to completely drop the "middle class" in me--I needed to find something deeper, something about me that was much more edgy. My friend & fellow MUSEUM actor, Ashley (she plays Tink's "frenemy," Kate) and I did some research and found some pretty cool things about Downtown Girls:

1. They're not trying to impress anyone. (Unlike me, who likes to make everyone happy!)
2. They don't smile excessively. (Again. If you've
ever met me, you know how difficult not smiling is for me.)
3. They're not easily offended by anyone.
4. They wear much funkier clothes & jewelry than Villanova girls.
5. They're really smart. Book AND street.
6. They listen to cool, underground music.

So, it's been pretty fun working to become my own kind of Downtown Girl. I get to act edgy and tough and much cooler than I actually am. ;) And, Janus (our Costume Designer) says I get to have a blue streak in my hair! If only Ashley & I could get Andy Warhol to appear and hang out with us... then we'd be set.

Tink & Kate are just two of over forty characters you'll meet at our MUSEUM. You don't wanna miss what all these crazy people will get into!

Talk to you soon!


PS. I'm sure I'll have some brilliant insights during tech this weekend. Or, at least I'll have some funny things to share. Look out!

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