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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Artistic Representations of Death

This is Dan, the dramaturg for Woman and Scarecrow.

Throughout the play Carr continually mentions different pieces of death-related art, specifically Caravaggio's "Death of the Virgin". About this painting, Woman says, "Oh the grief, terrible to look on... frightening, because the miracle is over...Still there's something sacred going on. Not with her. She's just another of those invisible women past their prime. But the mourners are appalling."

Much of my research was devoted to exploring death-related pieces of art- visual art, poetry, music. On the first day of rehearsal, I framed my dramaturgical presentation with the fact that this play is Carr artistic representation of death, by showing one of my favorite dance pieces: Martha Graham's Night Journey. This classic of Modern Dance is Graham's exploration of the moment when Jocasta dies in the Oedipus Rex myth.
If you've never seen it, check it out:

In Vasey 206, the bulletin board is covered with a collage of death related pieces of visual art and poetry that I've asked the actors to build upon, integrating their own text and images about death. This blog is a great way to extend this discussion. Does anyone else want to mention any other pieces of art that has inspired or changed them?

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