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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Unboundable" Inspiration

Hey All!
Allie here, your lovely Stage Manager!
So I am actually blogging right now from one of our rehearsals! The cast and Father David are deep in conversation about language and motivation. They are reflecting on our lovely and AMAZING morning meeting with Tony Award Winning Director, Patrick Mason!
To witness the conversation that happened this morning and the conversation that is happening now is an honor; today is a day that I will never forget!!
The cast and I were deeply moved by the passion and intellect that Patrick Mason showed to us. At one time or another, some of us were even moved to tears. The inspiration that Patrick Mason gave us is “Boundless” or “Unboundable” as some might say! ;)
Okay, have to get back to my stage management duties!
Till later, Break Legs!!

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