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Friday, October 14, 2011

Woman and Scarecrow


We are now four rehearsals into Villanova's second production, Woman and Scarecrow by Marina Carr. The play is a powerful journey through the last moments of a woman's life as she prepares to die. This week the cast,crew and our dramaturg Dan Ciba, spent many fruitful hours doing script analysis. We also began to build the shape of the production with some simple blocking. And yet, this play exist on an existential level that propels the actor beyond words and into the physical in order fully explore meaning. So this weekend we will take the blocking and with our work on Given Circumstances together to explore through body work the shapes and interactions that objectives and obstacles have without words. My plan is to use digital recording in the rehearsal process so the actors can use the video as a text by which to make choices around their bodies in motion. Ultimately I would like the play to have moments of interaction and physical expression that function as exposition for relationships beyond language. Stay tuned to see how this adventure works out!

Fr. David

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