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Friday, November 20, 2009

And the Brian Morgan Award Goes to ...

...Jessica Bedford!

Congratulations to the luminous Jessica Bedford, the 2009-2010 winner of the Brian G. Morgan '67 '70 Award. You've already made us proud, and we can't wait to follow your future achievements!

On Saturday, November 14, following the 8pm performance of As You Like It, the Villanova Theatre Department held our annual Brian Morgan Award reception. After Fr. Richard welcomed the roomful of guests, we all watched the video about Brian that the department produced last year (you can watch it online here). Tears were shed. Next, Mary Anne Carlson Morgan - Brian's widow and the woman whose considerable efforts keep the award growing - spoke briefly about Brian and the history of the award. Then, finally it was time! Fr. Richard began with, "This year's award winner is ..." but he became too overwhelmed and simply gestured toward Jessica. Applause! After the cheering died down (it took a while), Harriet Power, who directed Jessica in Le Dindon last season and in As You Like It this year, shared her thoughts about Jessica's meaningful contributions to the department on- and off-stage. Hugs, photos, and the consumption of wine and cheese ensued.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, and to all the donors who have contributed so generously to the Brian G. Morgan '67 '70 Award Fund. We could not be more grateful for your thoughtfulness and your excitement.

Here are a few more photos from the evening:

Mary Anne Carlson Morgan and Harriet Power talk at the award reception.

Mary Anne congratulates Jessica as Fr. Richard stands by.

Harriet offers her congratulations to Jessica.

Last year's winners, Luke Moyer and Kristen O'Rourke congratulate Jessica in their own way.

Luke, Kristen, Mary Anne, and Jessica