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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Am Thankful For . . . by Christine Petrini

Villanova Theatre Masters Program awards several full tuition scholarships to students who display passion, talent, and dedication to the theatre arts.  Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Acting Scholar Christine Petrini reflected on all of the things she is grateful for.  Here is her post, just in time for the Christmas holidays!

Before I over indulge in Thursday’s Thanksgiving feastival, at which time I will scour the world with cruel exactitude in search of juicy turkey legs and my Aunt Paula’s apple pie, I would like to give thanks. I am thankful every day, as I’m sure we all are, but I don’t always say so.

I don’t know how I came to be so blessed, I suppose it all started with my mama and my dad who offer me unconditional love, support and encouragement (even when it may be undeserved). They helped to set me on a path that led me here, to Villanova, where I can be thankful for friends, mentors, a community of collaborators, hugs, laughs, tears and smiles.

Now let’s talk a little turkey here.

I am thankful for….

a generous community of teachers, peers, collaborators and supporters; all of whom provide a safe and motivational environment within the Villanova Theatre Department.

the daily joy and pride I experience when witnessing the work of my peers as performers, designers, directors, stage managers, dramaturgs, and shop assistants. I am in a constant state of awe.

the opportunity to be pushed beyond my limits, stretched and challenged by my professors, peers and directors (I’m always surprised when I get to the other side of a project or challenge).

my experience in the cast of Everyman. This, of course, includes costumes made of belts and other fabulous repurposed items, the chance to sing an aria for the first time in probably a decade and the experience of being harnessed and magically suspended in the air as Good Deeds.

my partner, Christian, who keeps me sane and sits at my laptop helping me understand my Financial Management homework while making a big pot of Chili after I’ve had a long day at school.

a daily awareness of my body, my mind, and my breathing; all of which comes with a life in the arts where we free ourselves to imagine, create and do.

my full tuition scholarship, the very special honor of attending Villanova as an acting scholar and the opportunity to be a leader amongst my theatre peers.

Thank you for these blessings! Now, the challenge is to go fourth and do something good with all the goodness that has been granted to me!

Of course, there is plenty more to be thanks to be given. Instead of naming each one of you here, I will thank you for touching my life the next time I see you at Villanova (and if I don’t, remind me of this promise)!!

Now, if you don’t know, I once ate 14 pieces of French toast on a Saturday and then 12 pancakes the next day. Clearly, I am thankful for good food so, enough turkey talk; it’s time for turkey eating!