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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wanderlust: Falling in Love in Foreign Lands

Traveling offers us with the opportunity to open up our hearts to new places, ideas, experiences, and people.  In celebration of opening The Light in the Piazza this week, we decided to share some of our experiences falling in love while on journeys across the world with you, our audience.

Brie: "I fell in love with the ponies in Chincoteague, and the owls who to talk to each other at night through the trees.  Hoot, hoot!"

Pat:  "I fell in love with the trulli in Alberobello, Puglia."

Emily Z: "When I was in London, I got to experience the pub culture there.  I completely fell in love with how conversational it was.  People weren't there to party or pick up girls.  They went in to talk about their day, to connect with people."

Sophia:  "I fell in love with the writing of Ernest Hemingway on a class trip to Cuba."

Emily:  "I fell in love with tartufo in Piazza Navona."

Seth Schmitt-Hall:  "I feel it in my fingers.  I feel it in my toes.  Love is all around us, and in Europe it grows."

Kim:  "I fell in love with Flamenco in Spain.  And my husband in St. Lucia!"

Elisa:  "The minute I got off the plane in 1980 I fell madly in love with Ireland, and have been in love ever since.  The rest is history."

Seth Schmitt-Hall:  "I love Paris in the springtime.  I love Paris in the Fall."

Hallie:  "I fell in love with my spirituality and connection to all people in India.  But I especially fell in love with the sassy monkeys who steal juice boxes from kids on their way to school."

Raj:  "Here are all the foreign places in which I've fallen in love: England, Ireland, Barcelona, Warsaw, Rome, paris, Sienna, Italy, and Hamburg.  I'm a romantic."

Seth Schmitt-Hall:  "From Russia with love."

Lauren F: "I realized why I had been in love with Irish music all my life when I finally heard it in person in a quaint little pub in Cork, no bigger than the Vasey green room.  It was called Sin É Pub, which simply means "it is".  I met one of the musicians that night and fell in love with writing letters to him.  We've been pen pals ever since."

Cassie:  "I fell in love with my family's history when I was in Lithuania.  As soon as I saw the church in which my grandmother got married, I felt so connected to her."

Don't have the time or money to go have your own foreign romance?  Get transported to Florence with The Light in the Piazza, running at Villanova Theatre April 1st-13th.  Get tickets on our website, or call 610-519-7474.